Signing the Prenup

The Prenup should be signed by the parties, and also notarized.

In some states, notarization is required. Most banks will notarize documents, or you can go to for convenient online notarization.

Standard Version of The Prenup This is the standard form of The Prenup, to be signed by couples prior to their marriage.< PDF Version
California Version of The Prenup This form should be used for couples getting married in California. It complies with California law relevant to agreements such as The Prenup. PDF Version
Postnuptial Version This form should be used for couples who wish to enter into the agreement after they are already married. PDF Version
Midwest Panel This form provides for the dayanim (arbitrators) to be Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst (Chicago), Rabbi Yona Reiss (Chicago) and Rabbi Mendel Senderovic (Milwaukee). PDF Version
Insertions for Civil Prenuptial Agreements This document contains recommended language to incorporate the key provisions of The Prenup into a general prenuptial agreement. PDF Version

Once you have signed the appropriate version of The Prenup, be sure to file a copy in the registry maintained by the Beth Din of America.

Canadian couples should contact the Beth Din of America at (212) 807-9042 to discuss which form of The Prenup is most appropriate to sign.

The prenup was developed and is administered by the Beth Din of America. You can support the important work of the Beth Din by making a tax deductible contribution here.