Why Should I Sign The Prenup?

There are at least four reasons to sign The Prenup:

1. It is an act of kindness to prevent suffering
People follow the examples of others. Even if you are sure that the plight of the agunah (a woman whose marriage is functionally over, but whose husband refuses to give her a Get) will never be your own, you should sign The Prenup as part of an effort to make The Prenup a standard part of every Jewish wedding. If our collective actions can bring that about, we will have played an important role in solving one of the great crises of Jewish life in modern times, and we will prevent other people from suffering.

2. It is a pragmatic document.
Aside from the inherent emotional trauma of a divorce, divorces often result in prolonged and expensive battles over finances and custody. In some cases, adding the issue of the Get, and when and whether it will be given, can serve to add mistrust and emotional upheaval to a process that is already very painful. By signing The Prenup, couples ensure that if the tragedy of divorce ever befalls them, the Get will not become an issue of contention.

3. It is an opportunity for a couple, on the eve of their wedding, to demonstrate their respect for each other.
The Prenup is a commitment between husband and wife that even in the very worst scenario, even if their relationship falters unimaginably, they will not harm each other and will treat one another with respect and basic dignity. There is no better way to start off a marriage than to say to your partner: Even in the very worst circumstance, even if this union should end, Heaven forbid, I will not allow myself to act indecently toward you.

4. To protect yourself.
Marriage is an act of trust. Most often we trust that our marriage will be successful, and that the person we are marrying would never do anything to harm us. There are no guarantees in life, and it is important to take safeguards to protect ourselves from harm in the future.